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Monday, 25-Nov-2013 10:29:30 EST

Dustin's Place       

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About the Author

Hi there! :-) So your interested in me aye? Heh cool, I feel popular :-P.

I'm currently 22 years old (8/28/87)

I live in Phx, Arizona.

My Favorite color(s) is Purple (black, blue, red)

I love animals so I have two large dogs, named Ghost and Honeybear they're brothers.

I'm bi

I love web design, it's my hobby.

Pictures: A new and an old one now :-P I'm so not posting an update about this sooo... if you see 'em both your lucky.

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Click once to make them small again.

4 Years Ago

3 years ago

Dustin Dragon | Create Your Badge

If you really want to know more you can always ask, I figure get the basics as new questions come up I might just add them here. Just use the contact link on the side menu or the top menu.