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Wednesday, 24 March 2010
The Voice Within
Topic: Miscellaneous

It takes all of my anger and pain,
Twisting it into a ball of rage
Turning me into to this monster I hate

--Do it, do it!!

I am choking out all of my pain,
In this twisting web of deceit,
As my life slowly fades away.

--Die, DIE!!

If only you could have seen,
What my life used to be,
Then you’d see why it had to be.

Footnote: Another one of my poems from my suicidal days, when all I thought about was plunging the knife in or gagging away my sorrows.

Posted by gothyboi at 3:44 AM MDT
Updated: Wednesday, 24 March 2010 3:57 AM MDT
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Unrequited Love
Topic: Love

I am bound to darkness,
Tearing through this hateful agony.
Your heart so dead and black…

This love so severed,
And thrown away.
Now a tragic void.

I wish for your touch…
So vital…

Posted by gothyboi at 3:43 AM MDT
Updated: Wednesday, 24 March 2010 3:56 AM MDT
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Twilight Love
Topic: Love

I stand motionless a crossed the room,
I stare at this enchanting sight.
It seems small crystals shine in those perfect eyes,
Sending sparks down my spine.
A smile glistens across your face,
And it makes my heart weep.

I turn to go, I know it cannot be,
To my dismay!
But then I hear the whispers in my ear,
I turn and look and it's you.
Shinning perfectly,
Like a heavenly sight.
And we embrace.


Posted by gothyboi at 3:40 AM MDT
Updated: Wednesday, 24 March 2010 3:45 AM MDT
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Sleeping With The Dead
Topic: Dark

Here I lay in thy bed,
With the dead.
They feed upon thy body, thy face!
The maggots rabidly feeding in thy brain!

I lay with the dead,
Torn-my flesh bleeding,
I’m slowly changing,
Changing into one of the dead in thy bed!

My screams unheard by human ears,
For my screams are no longer alive,
For I have become the dead,
That lie within thy bed...

Posted by gothyboi at 3:39 AM MDT
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Serpents Warning
Topic: Dark

I sit alone in darkness,
The serpent whispering it’s sweet lullaby
It sings of life and death.

I sit alone in darkness,
The serpent now speaks,
It talks about the demons staining me.

And now I hear new voices
They become more clear as the nights pass.
They are the demons within.
The demons now live in the darkness
As they whisper my sweet plans of annihilation
The serpent no longer speaks with me.

The serpent now hates me,
For I did not listen,
& now the demons laugh at me as they circle in on me.

They try to sever the last string
That holds my sanity,
It has frayed…

I finally feel my sanity slip
And the serpent cries!
For my murdered mind!

Posted by gothyboi at 3:38 AM MDT
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Topic: Miscellaneous





We are the robotz,

We walk around with our fake smiles.

They tell us we are the future.

The future is now!

--And we are dead!

We are the robotz,

We do not feel,

We are numb

And made to look real.

We are the robotz,

This is what we will always be,

We are the bi-polar gods’,

You are, I am, we are, we are, the robotz…






 Ode To The Robotz

The lambs blood flows through me again.

Rushing through my decayed veins.

Rage engulfs me!

My anger has turned me.

I’m no longer broken!

Break free robotz and see!!

Love your confessions…

No longer do I wish to be numb!

I need anger, love, pain!

No longer will I be safe,

For I hunger to be free!


Posted by gothyboi at 3:30 AM MDT
Updated: Sunday, 16 October 2011 7:46 PM MDT
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Topic: Miscellaneous

I keep searching, but I know there is no hope.
The answers I mourn for won’t come to me.
They seem to be trapped where I can’t find them.

My soul is losing this fight,
I go weak.
The answers hide themselves deeper yet.

Too deep to find again,
Yet the questions eat me whole.
But still the answers refuse to come!

I’m trapped in this hole,
The hole that grew so big,
Until it swallowed me whole!

Posted by gothyboi at 3:29 AM MDT
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Obsession, Possession
Topic: Love

The night falls with a silent sigh,
And lost are we.
The love for which you lust flares once,
Then dies.

Smothered by your obsession,
All hope must sicken and die!

My heart desires no more
Angels surround us--crying,
For we, my love, are lost and dying.

Posted by gothyboi at 3:20 AM MDT
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Topic: Love

The way you love me hurts.
The way you touch me feels like razors.
Hate me, love me, kill me, destroy me!
I don’t want you and I don’t need you!

Your lies will never change,
Your fears will take me down,
Your hate will caress me,
Your love is like a rose bush made of barbed-wire!

Love is not there,
How we feel tears me apart.
I feel disgust filling me whole!
It’s growing within me, soon to emerge

I can feel the knot feeding, growing, ripping!
On this false love.
On the love that was purely a lie!
The love that was never meant to be.

Footnote: My second love poem ever! First came Dark Angel. Unlike dark angel however this poem shows the other side. The side that includes spousal abuse, domination, and contempt. This poem was actually published and having it on here is agaisnt the rules but this is one of my favorites. It reminds me when I stood up against that bastard and left with my heart intact.

Posted by gothyboi at 3:12 AM MDT
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Topic: Dark

Numb is how I feel,
Non-existent in this world is how I choose to die!
I have always just been a shadow,
A nothing…

My innocence was taken,
He was not supposed to be that way!
Where he touched me it burns.
I am dirty, dying, and dead.

When I look up to the sky I see laughing,
I look to the sky and scream in vain!
I am alone now
And I see, this world was never meant for me.

Footnote: This poem if from my suicidal days, actually A little before by like 3 days. It was going to be a letter but even then I didn't or couldn't bare the thought they'd all know how dirty I was, so I kept it hidden.

Posted by gothyboi at 3:05 AM MDT
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